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 by Cathy
I felt so supported

Find my video  🙂

Thank you so much, Renee!

 by Brook Mahoney
A good routine

Renee helped me develop a series of exercises to correct years of poor posture from sitting at a desk and medical issues. This is a daily routine that has provided much relief. Thank you, Renee!

 by Dr Matthew Hyzy
Physician referall

Renee has been integral in patient care both before and after orthopedic an spine procedures
I recommend her without reservation to assist in postural alignment and balance

 by Chris Thomas
Pain Free

I’ve been a competitive athlete for over 50 years and work out daily to maintain my strength and flexibility. Staying fit has always been one of my goals. Lately, I’ve become more prone to injury as I stay in shape. Currently, I’m a bicyclist and have taken up golf. I ride over 6000 miles a year and work through my soreness. Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed more pain in my hips, back and having sciatica issues. With help from Renee and her extensive knowledge of Kinesiology she has provided me with a customized treatment plan that has reduced and even eliminated my pains and injuries.
I highly recommend the treatment methods Renee uses in her business and will continue to use her in the future.

 by Erik Weihenmayer
Excellent for a High level athlete and recovery

I do a ton of sports at a high level, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, tandem biking, skiing, running, and kayaking. I’ve even gotten to climb the tallest peaks in the seven continents, including Mt. Everest. And one unusual fact: I happen to be totally blind. I’m fifty now, and over the years, the injuries, as well as aches and pains have been stacking up. I was feeling progressively front loaded (pressure on my knees, quads, and hips). My back and shoulders were becoming rounded, and I felt out-of-balance. A physical therapist even told me I looked “unsustainable.” Not good!

But working with Renee and devoting myself to Egosuce has given me a new start. My back is straighter and I have less pain. My hips and glutes are stronger, and I feel more in-balance – with less injuries. My wife even says I look taller. I recommend Renee and Egoscue to all athletes, especially those who have been at it a while and starting to break down.

 by Fran Fulks
Pain Free Works

It's been several years since my husband and I went through the Pain Free Clinic. It worked for us and we highly recommend it. Since that time we've used the Pain Free Book to work through minor aches and pains. What a blessing to be able to find answers and solutions without surgery or living on pain pills. It's worth every dollar and effort you put in. Thanks Renee!

 by Dr. Chris Williams
Egoscue is a GAME CHANGER!

Renee is awesome. As a medical doctor that specializes in musculoskeletal care, I understand the importance of rehabilitation in the recovery process and for optimal performance. I have had several patients work with Renee and get great results from her patient centered care. Additionally, she is extremely professional! We need more medical providers like Renee!

 by Nancy lupica
Worked for me

Went in with low expectations yet an open mind and I was pleasantly surprised on my results. My body felt better after the third visit. I am continuing my daily program religiously.

 by Susan Nuss
Hand and Knee Pain GONE!

I'm so glad that Renee Cherry was recommended to me by Dr. Pitts of the Centeno-Schultz Clinic of Broomfield, CO. With just one in person visit and several Skype sessions, I was able to get the most out of my Stem Cell treatment investment. Renee has been able to work with me and coach me to a straighter spine, a better balanced walk and improved mobility in my arms and shoulders which reduce the wear and tear on my wrists and arms. I recommend Renee Cherry's services to anybody that has a pain they are just living with. You don't have to live with it anymore, let Renee help you remove it from your everyday life.



My Story!


 by John Pitts M.D.
Renee is the best

I am a musculoskeletal orthopedic physician and I was introduced to Renee by one of my patients. She helped me tremendously with my back issues and I still do her maintenance program today. Since meeting and working with her, I have sent many patients to her and all the feedback is amazing. She is knowledgeable, personable, caring, adaptable, and gets her patients better! Egoscue is a great therapy to help alignment, posture, and to get patients out of pain and Renee is the best therapist I have worked with. I continue to recommend her services.

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